Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sounds Like...

I've been on a strange new music kick in the last month or so. Just today I discovered a site called the sixty one dot com which has a bunch of new stuff, though I'm not really sure yet how the site works. It has random rpg elements where you can level yourself up and bands can do the same. There's also achievements? It does allow you to stream and buy drm-free music from the artists, of which most seem to be independent. A band I heard about a few days ago through twitter is Apes and Androids. They are a very strange band and kinda hard to classify. Think The Avalanches, but with a more psychadelic atmosphere and tight vocals. Not quite an everyday listen, but very good nevertheless.

The Sixtyone has been playing music for me for the last hour and it's actually amazing that new artists are still this active and good without much motivation. I just heard something that could be a folk song from a european countryside and before that a two minute techno song. Two minutes! It's like they're not on drugs or something. And before that something that makes me think of an Austrian circus. All this played as well as the Violent Femmes cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." And now something pure pop rock. I think this is officially my favorite new website. Yeah, it's probably two years old by now, but still.

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