Monday, September 28, 2009

The One I've been waiting for...

A few nights ago, I started having this dream and halfway through it I felt like I could control everything in my dream, I believe that is called Lucid Dreams. This is only the second time in my life that it's happened.

I remember being on a suspended mine cart track running through a field with some apartments about 50 feet from the track. The track itself was maybe about 30 feet off the ground. For some reason I needed to get off the track. (I think the track was ending.) At that moment I clearly remember feeling this control of myself and said screw it i'll fly outta here! Well I started floating and I slowly fell to the ground. But I wanted to try again and I was able to lift myself up a few feet and float around.

The next part was I remember wanting to run at super speeds and sure enough I accelerated and the world around me became blurry and I was leaving everything behind. It was amazing.

The next dream was that there was an olde time fair in scotts valley with a train that run through where Mt. Hermon would be. That's all I remember.

SEPT. 24th, 2009