Friday, June 18, 2010

Top Ten (Ver. 2.0)

Now that I thought about it for a while. I'm doing the real top ten games list. Its going to be amazin. Coming soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't really have any new year's resolutions this year, I just have long term goals that haven't been met yet. I do think I have a semi-resolution though. I want to run a little more and feel a little more healthy. I think I should set a year long goal I can get to, but I don't know what that goal should be. My father says I should run 12 miles a week so it's easy to get through in three or four days. Maybe it'll get to that, but I need reliable transportation before I can get to the gym four times a week. I think for the time being I'm going to record how far I run. Maybe I'll check in around the end of February and see what I can get through this year. I'll just edit this post as not to clutter up the place. I'm just going to estimate for the first two weeks, as other than yesterday's 5 miles I haven't been keeping track.

Ok, here goes...

1/1-1/11 -10 mi.
1/12 - 4.9 mi.
1/18 - 1.6 mi.
1/21 - 2.45 mi.
1/22 - 2.5 mi.
1/23 - 2.32 mi.
1/29 - 3.15 mi.
1/30 - 4.1 mi.
(2/2 - cycled and swam but didn't run)
2/5 - 2.31 mi.
2/7 - 5.03 mi.
2/10 - 2.56 mi.
2/11 - 2.42 mi.
2/12 - 2.32 mi.
2/18 - 2.25 mi.
2/19 - 2.32 mi.
2/20 - 6.15 mi.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back for more

Now that schools over I can try to post more (insane) dreams of mine. Since the last time I've had a fair share of crazy dreams but have completely forgot about them. I looked back at what I had dreamed about and still can clearly remember those dreams that I did write down, so IMO dream logs really do work. :D

So anyway, lets begin.

Jan 1st.

AH new year.

I remember having a remote control car that I had driven to a big parking garage and I met a couple of friends there. We found a parking spot to park all our RC cars. (The parking spot was a regular sized one too, so it seemed a bit ridiculous). Anyway, we were afraid that others were going to not see our RC cars and smash into them so I decided to try and hide them inbetween a concrete barrier and a fence in the garage. That's all I remember.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The One I've been waiting for...

A few nights ago, I started having this dream and halfway through it I felt like I could control everything in my dream, I believe that is called Lucid Dreams. This is only the second time in my life that it's happened.

I remember being on a suspended mine cart track running through a field with some apartments about 50 feet from the track. The track itself was maybe about 30 feet off the ground. For some reason I needed to get off the track. (I think the track was ending.) At that moment I clearly remember feeling this control of myself and said screw it i'll fly outta here! Well I started floating and I slowly fell to the ground. But I wanted to try again and I was able to lift myself up a few feet and float around.

The next part was I remember wanting to run at super speeds and sure enough I accelerated and the world around me became blurry and I was leaving everything behind. It was amazing.

The next dream was that there was an olde time fair in scotts valley with a train that run through where Mt. Hermon would be. That's all I remember.

SEPT. 24th, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


...A bunch of us walking into an underground ghost town, bright lights everywhere much like an archaeological dig I suppose. The best thing we did was play catch, all of us, while standing on rubble and crumbling houses...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

#4 - Planetary

A big group of us was at Disneyland for a new rollercoaster that was built around and into a big hill. It had a Buzz Lightyear, space kind of theme to it. It seemed like a typical medium-thrill roller coaster, going in and out of the mountain and what not, up until we get to the top. The end of the ride had a 90 degree drop through the center of the mountain, it was maybe 20-30 stories deep.

I then remember alex and joel opening a food stand at some Ivy league school, and for some reason we were talking about Earthbound. pretty cool. Then I woke up.