Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back for more

Now that schools over I can try to post more (insane) dreams of mine. Since the last time I've had a fair share of crazy dreams but have completely forgot about them. I looked back at what I had dreamed about and still can clearly remember those dreams that I did write down, so IMO dream logs really do work. :D

So anyway, lets begin.

Jan 1st.

AH new year.

I remember having a remote control car that I had driven to a big parking garage and I met a couple of friends there. We found a parking spot to park all our RC cars. (The parking spot was a regular sized one too, so it seemed a bit ridiculous). Anyway, we were afraid that others were going to not see our RC cars and smash into them so I decided to try and hide them inbetween a concrete barrier and a fence in the garage. That's all I remember.

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