Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Really Fast Nightlife

Ok, so I'm likely behind the times on this but I've just discovered a band called Vampire Weekend. They are classified as "indie rock" and I guess that's right. I would classify them as "taking a walk in the park on a summer day" music. Super simple and super hippie "belongs in a Wes Anderson movie" stuff but I'm quite enamored with it. I may just find a park later today to walk around in.

In news-type stuff, it looks like there's going to be a ballot initiative this November to put some money into a California high speed railway. So far it looks like it's not finalized, but the plan is to start with the "spine" track running from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It may at this point include another one or two stops (possibly San Jose) before phase two expands to San Diego and Sacramento. In the end there will be 800 miles of track laid down. The proposed train system will run at 220 miles per hour, and the high speed rail's website estimates a two hour and twenty-one minute trip from San Jose to LA. If we vote for it, nearly ten billion in taxes will go towards the rail, with thirty billion coming from other sources. Once built it will sustain itself and generate up to one billion dollars a year. By 2030 there will be an annual capacity of 117 million people.

Here's to hoping the measure passes this November.

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