Friday, August 21, 2009

2 and 3 - Float On

I believe it was Wednesday when I had a dream that involved a more realistic Mario Kart, I mean with real people and real cars. I remember seeing Ben and Alex and myself in a garage with a lot of miniature size cars, real cars. I'd say about the size of those Smart Cars. Anyway the steering of these cars was absolutely terrible. I saw a screen of the actual race and it must have been in 16-bit. haha

I was inner tubing in a man made canal, almost like a bigger waterslide with Josh and these innertubes were ball shaped with a huge weight to stabilize it. The next moment I remember leaving the ground and starting to float, I kept going higher and higher. ( I LOVE flying dreams, this one almost felt lucid, I thought I could almost control myself and telling myself to go higher and higher).

Its hard to be real detailed in describing my dreams. Harder than I thought, but hey, its fun.

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